United Kingdom and Brazil come together to form the Transpersonal Leaders of the 21st Century.

Renowned British consultancy, LeaderShape, is expanding to Latin America and has chosen Etiqueta Empresarial Executive Manners Consulting (EE) as its sole representative. With offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, Etiqueta Empresarial maintains its innovative tradition, now bringing to Brazil a globally recognized program that promises to shake up the market in training and leadership development.

As a pioneer, EE introduced the concept of business etiquette to Brazil in the 90s, when the discipline was still only properly recognized in Europe and the United States. Following this latest development, the company is now able to offer Brazilian corporations a consistent and sustainable program to develop leaders of the 21st Century, known as Transpersonal Leadership.

John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape says: -"Due to increased globalization and higher relative growth in emerging markets, leading organizations are realizing the need for a new kind of leadership for the 21st Century. Such leadership cannot be based solely in high performance management, but must also major on values , ethics and best practice for employees, customers and other stakeholders.”

Providing programs to the most senior managers, up to CEOs and NED level, as well as emerging leaders for the future, LeaderShape offers an accredited experience used by prestigious global organizations such as Disney, Dixons, Tomorrow's Company, CIMA - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Tata Group and British organisations Marks & Spencer, TK Maxx, West Midlands Pension Fund, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and National Health Service bodies such as Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

A leading publication describing the development of Transpersonal Leadership, entitled “The Invisible Elephant and the Pyramid Treasure“ has its launch in Brazil scheduled for October 2014,when co-author and LeaderShape Chairman, John Knights, will be visiting. The international edition has been sponsored by Tata Group, Korn Ferry and CIMA, and the contents endorsed by PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers, along with many other organisations.

According to Maria Aparecida Araújo, Director General of EE: -“In a meritocratic culture that is focused on results the role of leaders is increasingly like a tightrope walk. Companies require leaders who are innovative, customer orientated and focused on their people. How can they achieve such levels of excellence?

A leader needs to engage staff, develop an action plan and drive employee engagement to achieve success. Effective time management is also crucial, to foster good communications and relationships. Leaders must become increasingly skilled as coaches and facilitators, paving the way for career progression by creating opportunities and bringing forward the next generation. The great thing is that all these skills can be learned through appropriate development”

Cláudio Pelizari, Director of EE agrees: -" The largest Brazilian corporations invest huge sums in training their managers, however, very few succeed in really providing consistent and sustainable leadership development. This is because most of the programs available in the market focus on developing business processes rather than working on the individual's capacity to lead. They look at “what to do” but not “how” to get there. When we analyze key performance indicators we can clearly see how ineffectual this approach is in the workplace. By contrast, LeaderShape's Transpersonal Leadership Development Program is a fully developed, effective solution.”

Based on the latest neuroscience research as well as precise measurement tools, the Transpersonal Leadership concept has been developed by LeaderShape's experienced former CEOs and Senior Leaders, in conjunction with the University of Chester. Postgraduate courses in coaching, mentoring and facilitation are offered up to Master's Degree level. All LeaderShape's programs are available using distance (remote),face-to-face or blended learning processes, which minimize the time executives need to be away from their work place.

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